If you’re not scheduling yearly AC maintenance in Webb City, MO, now is the time to do it. Whether your system is brand new or you’ve had it for a few years, it will benefit in more than one way from professional attention. An AC tune-up can help you avoid major repairs and breakdowns, minimize the wear and tear that the system incurs, and even bring down your energy bill. You won’t have to deal with short-cycling, lukewarm air, warm spots, or other tell-tale signs of an inefficient AC. A well-maintained AC will also dehumidify your home, which helps prevent the growth of biological contaminants.

We recommend tune-ups for another reason: They can extend a system’s lifespan and ensure that the warranty that covers it is honored. Traditional heat pumps can last 15 to 20 years with maintenance, and mini-split ACs can go for 30 years. And as long as the warranty lasts, the manufacturer wants to see you taking good care of the system; otherwise, the warranty becomes void.