What in the world is SEER2?

Well, it’s complicated. Your HVAC equipment has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating that lets you know how energy efficient your cooling system is. The larger the number, the more efficient the system. SEER2 improves on how the system is rated. The result is any HVAC system made after January 1st, 2023 will be more efficient (and cost more).

Should I need to Upgrade My HVAC System to SEER2 Standards?

This means that older systems that don’t meet the new minimum efficiency standards of the 2023 SEER2 requirements will be phased out. This can mean that parts will no longer be manufactured for these units, and repairs could become more and more costly over time. If you have a unit that is more than 10+ years old, it could be time to consider replacement options.

Will New HVAC Systems Cost More?

Prices for HVAC equipment for 2023 still haven’t been released, but it’s expected to be a 20% to 30% increase. This is by far the largest increase we have seen from the manufacturers. Prices for equipment manufactured in 2022 have remained fairly steady over the last several months, and we expect that to continue as they reduce inventory.

What should I Do?

First, your existing HVAC system is not required to meet the new standards. Any system installed before the end of this year is exempt for the 2023 standard. But if you have an older cooling or heating system (more than 10+ years old), we do recommend that you consider replacement this year. This is the best time to get a new, energy-efficient HVAC system without the price increase that 2023 will bring.
How Can Titan Air Solutions Help?
This is one of the biggest changes to hit the heating and cooling industry this century, and it can be confusing. The first way we can help is by understanding the changes required and being able to communicate them to our customers. You can make good decisions if you are informed.

Next, we have partnered with our manufacturing partners to obtain great prices on HVAC equipment and, for our more efficient systems, they are even offering some rebates to you.

One area that we know is important is financing. We have gotten our financing partners to provide some awesome deals to finance your new cooling & heating system. For many new systems, the energy savings will pay a large portion of the cost of the system.

Call Lyerla Heating & Air today to save up to $1,250 and get 10-year financing as low as 6.99% And if we repaired your older system recently we can put that cost onto the payment of the new installation. Call now to schedule your appointment


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