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Springtime means annual cleaning for many people, but some forget to include their air conditioning system on the project list. This should actually be a concern all year round, as inefficient ducts can cost money and impede comfort throughout the year. Cleaning your system is vital even beyond regular filter changes, and spring is the perfect time to inspect and clean your duct system for wear and tear along with removing buildup over the seasons. Professionals in heating and air in Joplin MO understand this annual checkup for all who own ventilated systems and advise to consider these potential issues every year. While your system may be running efficiently, the ductwork can still present problems concerning personal health and comfort, and annual attention is a good spring cleaning project.

Removing Dirt and Debris

Many homeowners realize there is a need to inspect dirt build-up in their system ductwork regularly. Even within a one-year usage cycle trash can accumulate in the duct. Vacuuming directly below the grill openings can help, but a full cleaning of the entire duct is always best. Dirt and lint can gather quicker than many users realize, and a clean duct system can mean a fresher smelling house and ultimately cleaner air within any structure using both air conditioning and heating functions.

Design Evaluation

While this can be a significant alteration to an HVAC system, it is still a component of maintaining efficiency and cleanliness in a structure. Sometimes unnecessary ductwork can be eliminated or shortened with a better path to living areas that will also result in more cost efficiency as well as comfort. Ultimately the duct area must be heated and cooled as well as the living areas, and less duct means less operating expense and reduced atmosphere to impact. Redesign could be the answer.

Inspect and Repair Seals

Connection points between duct system pieces can break down and loosen after constant use, and can even happen within one year. It is always good to have the total configuration inspected for leaks at the duct joints and around the grills or grates. Your professional HVAC in Joplin MO at Lyerla Heating and Air can conduct a thorough inspection and make recommendations accordingly based on potential problems.

The residents of Joplin are clearly in luck when it comes to keeping their HVAC system in optimum shape. Call Lyerla Heating and Air today for an inspection appointment

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