Constantly running your air conditioner throughout the summer can rack up the costs. Your indoor comfort is essential to your safety, but your budget may not be able to handle the sudden increase. AC units can also slowly lose efficiency over time, using more energy to produce the same amount of cooling. You don’t have to suffer through the summer with outrageous utility bills. Here are a few ways to save money by boosting your AC’s energy efficiency.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

A trained HVAC technician has the tools and experience to expertly maintain your air conditioning during the summer. Regular maintenance improves your unit’s efficiency and prolongs its lifespan. You won’t have to worry about sudden breakdowns or HVAC emergencies that leave you without essential cooling. A technician will spot when parts have worn down or are about to break and will efficiently replace them before they cause issues to the system. Relying on a professional is one of the best ways to keep your air conditioner up-to-date and efficient.

Clean the Unit

You should also be cleaning your unit at least once a month. Window units should be disassembled and wiped down to prevent buildup and the spread of mold. Outdoor central air units can be hosed down to keep dirt and debris from creating a film over the box. Obstructed airflow will disrupt an AC’s efficiency and even cause some parts to break down faster. Keeping the unit clean will prevent buildup and minimize your chances of mold and pests.

Change the Filters

How often do you change the filters in your AC unit? AC filters play a huge role in the system’s airflow. If dirty filters are left in a window unit for too long, they can freeze your evaporator coils and cause leaks. Regularly clean and replace your filters to maximize airflow in the unit. Make sure you’re using the right thickness and brand. If you want to use filters with a higher MERV rating, confirm they’re compatible with your HVAC system.

Upgrade Thermostat

Traditional thermostats only allow you to turn the temperature up or down. Programmable models give you the power to make schedules that optimize your energy usage. You’ll save money by raising the temperature when you’re not in the home and lowering it back down when the family arrives. A lot of wasted cooling is spent when loved ones are at work or out of the house. A programmable thermostat gives you more HVAC flexibility, which improves your energy efficiency and lowers your bills.

Empty Drain Line

Have you noticed a musty odor in the house lately? AC units are outfitted with drain lines that safely remove water from the system. When this line becomes clogged with dirt or mildew, it can back up into the home. Excess water in your AC can cause indoor air quality issues, lowered energy efficiency and premature rust and corrosion. Fortunately, these lines are easy to clean and often only require a hose or a wet/dry vacuum. If you don’t feel comfortable taking apart your drain line, you can always rely on an experienced technician.

Replace Your AC

Eventually, your AC unit will reach a point where it requires too many repairs and maintenance to be efficient. Instead of using your system for as long as possible, you should consider replacing the unit with a better model. You may not want to have to pay for a new unit if your current system is still working. However, the best way to guarantee your home’s temperature control at a low, budget-friendly cost is with a new air conditioner. A new AC unit will immediately lower your energy bills, saving you money on both your maintenance needs and energy costs.

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