Summer Allergies

The best time to clean your HVAC system is always in the spring of the year, which is exactly where we are in the annual seasons. There are many functional reasons for needing to service your HVAC unit, mostly focused on protecting your investment and maintaining an optimum air conditioning and heating unit that can handle the load for your entire house or unit in any structure. Units are not cheap and all owners want a maximum lifetime for their HVAC equipment. But another concern for HVAC system owners is personal health, including minimizing the problems associated with allergies that happen in both the spring and the Summer during the change of the seasons. This is vital for many people who suffer mightily when the season’s transitions, and servicing your unit is actually very important all year round when this is a personal health issue.

Being Ready for the Summer

While maintaining your HVAC system is an annual concern, being ready for the Summer is really the focus for those with specific respiratory issues. Not only are allergies and asthma a concern, but other breathing issues such as COPD or immune deficiency problems can also be impacted as well. Cleaning the system in the spring is important because waiting until the Summer could allow dust and other contaminants to build up in the ductwork. Your Joplin HVAC professionals in Missouri will always advise that problems develop gradually, and the most effective method of combating buildup is keeping a close eye on the unit and performing semi-annual cleaning with a commercial HVAC professional.

Standard Practices

The first step in maintaining an effective HVAC unit is changing air filters regularly, typically once per month. This is relatively easy to do even for the novice unit owner, but it does need to be checked regularly. Changing filters may not be necessary, but regular inspection is important. Humidity levels should be balanced as well, which is generally something that is noticed first by those who suffer from allergies or other breathing issues. Air duct cleaning is where the real maintenance is usually conducted, as well as inspecting the condenser for signs of wear and tear or other potential problems associated with being located outdoors.

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