We realize that keeping your home warm in the cold, Joplin, MO winters is something you prioritize. The most efficient way to accomplish that objective is with a fully operational furnace running at its best. Your furnace is an appliance you depend on, a device you can’t do without, but it can also be dangerous if parts such as the flame sensor stop functioning in the way they should. If you find that the flame sensor on your furnace has gone bad, you can count on our professionals at Lyerla Heating & Air to answer all your questions and handle your furnace repair needs.

What Is a Furnace Flame Sensor

The furnace flame sensor is a small, metal rod that detects if there is a flame burning inside the furnace. When the gas comes on and the flame ignites, the flame sensor switches from detecting the presence of the gas to trying to find the heat from the flame. If the sensor notices gas but no flame after 10 seconds, it will turn the furnace off. After two more tries in which it doesn’t find the flame, it may shut down and lock the equipment for your safety. The furnace can be reset by turning off the power and pressing the reset button on the furnace itself. If this doesn’t work and the issue doesn’t resolve, you’ll need to contact a professional to come out and make repairs.

How to Know If Your Furnace Flame Sensor Is Bad

There are various ways you can determine if there is a problem with your furnace flame sensor that requires one of our technicians from Lyerla Heating & Air to analyze and correct the situation. Here are a few indications:

  • Soot and debris around the furnace flame sensor
  • A black tip on the sensor
  • A cracked sensor casing
  • Yellow burner flames
  • Burner going off after only a few seconds

Issues with the furnace flame sensor can make turning your furnace on a huge risk. The sensor should last about five years in your home. Consequently, you can expect to replace this important part once or twice during the working life of your furnace. If you haven’t had it checked in recent memory, now may be the time to do so.

Visible debris or corrosion can make it difficult for the sensor to know if heat or a flame is coming from the furnace. Detecting heat may also be hard if the casing on the sensor is cracked or broken. A bad flame sensor can lead to furnace malfunction, a buildup of hazardous gas, or even an explosion. A technician can inspect your sensor and get it running safely again with professional cleaning or replacement.

Your Best Course of Action

If you encounter some of these issues with your furnace flame sensor, reach out to us at Lyerla Heating & Air right away. Depending on the amount of damage to it, the sensor may need to be cleaned or replaced. If the sensor needs cleaning, our team can do it safely and effectively.

With a furnace flame sensor cleaning, the furnace will be safely turned off and the gas valve disconnected. The sensor will then be removed from the furnace and wiped with a clean emery cloth to remove any dirt, soot, or corrosion. Once it is all clean, the sensor is returned to the furnace, and the furnace is restored. If the porcelain protector or casing on the sensor is cracked, a replacement will be necessary. These things are typically checked and taken care of by a technician during your yearly furnace maintenance. However, it is simple and convenient to contact Lyerla Heating & Air for this or any other furnace issue.

Call in the Experts for All Your Home Comfort Needs

Your furnace is something that makes a huge impact on the comfort of your home, and we know its importance. Our team has been serving Joplin and surrounding areas for over 20 years, and we’re not stopping now. Lyerla Heating & Air is a leader in HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance with a team of licensed professionals ready to make your heating, cooling, or indoor air quality equipment operate at its best. Our crew prides itself on providing the best customer service in every situation while always doing so at affordable rates. When you deal with us, you can have confidence in knowing that your HVAC system is safe, functional, and ready to keep your home perfectly comfortable every day.

For more information about getting your furnace flame sensor checked, cleaned, or repaired, call Lyerla Heating & Air today and speak with one of our professionals.


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